The Montessori Techniques

The Montessori technique is ever-changing and often reinterpreted. Dr. Montessori never trademarked the method or the procedure, as she thought it best to permit it to still evolve and expand.

Nevertheless the name has stuck, and thousands of faculties everywhere the planet follows what they envisage to be Montessori teachings. Because of this,”Montessori” teachers will device many alternative things.

Some colleges and lecturers link the philosophy specifically and on to Dr. Montessori's temperament, seeking authenticity within the pronouncements of her writings, colleagues, and successors. Others believe it's best to permit the ideas to be influenced by current and native culture that means that the appliance of the tactic varies relying upon the traditional thinking of the time and place at intervals that it's operating. This interpretation believes that, were the tactic as Dr. Montessori used it, applied precisely the same approach nowadays, it might not have identical worth or impact, as a result of it's not of this time.

The third of the foremost common interpretations of the strategy is that the Montessori Method reflects the way of being that's intrinsic, natural, and beyond the influence of temperament or culture. This interpretation permits for evolution and growth of the tactic beyond Dr. Montessori's original teachings, even so maintains some level of uprightness and consistency with those teachings.

Parents curious fascinated by learning a lot of about the Montessori teaching ways ought to contact their native Montessori instructional center to rearrange a visit and introduction to the college, sit in on a classroom activity and meet the teaching professionals.

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Hi Everyone,

On Saturday, August 11, 2012, as a key part of MMCS’ celebration of its 40th Anniversary, we welcome a special guest.

Ms. Joen Bettmann, Association Montessori International√® (AMI) primary consultant and trainer, will be conducting a full-day seminar for teachers entitled “The Genuine Learning of Language."

Joen Bettmann is a Primary (ages 3-6) Trainer, Examiner, and Consultant with the Association Montessori Internationale, and has nearly thirty years of Montessori experience. She has served as the Director of Training at various AMI training centers in the USA , and also Australia . Ms. Bettmann has extensive classroom experience in both private and public Montessori schools, especially in central city locations. She has participated in a US Government-sponsored Montessori project in South Africa , and is an adjunct professor at Loyola College in Baltimore , Maryland.

Seminar Fee is Php 3500 per person, which includes snacks, lunch, seminar kit and certificate of attendance.

For inquiries, please contact our Program Office at 828-7156 to 58.

Clarissa David
Program Director
Maria Montessori Children's School
Merville Paranaque