Notice of Availability of Scholarship Grants

Notice of Availability of Scholarship Grants under the Enhancement Training Sponsorship Project of the Exchange Visitors Program

The Exchange Visitors Program Committee of the Phils is now accepting applications for scholarship grans under its Enhancement Training Sponsorship Project. The ETSP is a program funded by Exchange Visitors Program participants who are undertaking alternative arrangement in lieu of the 2 year home country residency requirement of the EVP. The project allots a maximum of US$1500 per scholar per course with the funding being released at the beginning of each term. The ETSP is one of the efforts of the government to enhance the skills pool of the Philippines while allowing Filipino professionals to find better income overseas to support thier families.

The scholarship fund used for the ETSP goes to qualified professionals who seek to pursue graduate and postgraduate studies in the fields included in the skills List of the Phils. The skills List is a directory of skills that are in short supply of practitioners in the Philippines and therefore very much needed. An ETSP scholarship applicant must posses the following qualifications:

1. Must be a Filipino Citizen
2. Must have completed a 4 year bachelor degree ( For MA degree and for Phd Degree)
3. Must be a good moral character as attested by the last school attended or present employer.
4. Must have satisfactory undergraduate grades particularly in under his or her field of study.

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