Why do they choose to wear scrubs?

Time has gone so fast and to recall during the time of Florence Nightingale who is the founder of Nursing we understand that they usually wore these gala type uniforms with aprons. And after that, as modernization comes so swiftly comes another type of uniform which are the scrub uniforms or scrub suits though gala was still one of the uniforms nurses wore. Scrubs were originally worn by doctors specifically the surgeons during operations and all of a sudden became the uniform in the laboratory, nurses, midwives and even attendants or assistants like almost all in the hospital has uniforms tailored like the scrub uniforms.

Even those in medical clinics and more so on spa and massage centers wore these type of uniforms. After all these immediate and addictive stage form of dressing, questions came out as to why and how did they all liked to wear scrub uniforms! Even if well just focus in the hospital's vicinity, we will be confused as to who is the doctor, who is the nurse, who is really the midwife! Well with regards to the attendant it would be uplifting for him or her if he/she be called as a nurse and worst if be called as a doctor! But in reverse what if we miss to identify the doctor and thereby call him as an attendant? Well the point here is not with the style or choice of fashion or dressing but at least there should be a standard as to choosing the color. So like for instance all medical practitioners should agree that doctors should be wearing only colored blue scrub uniforms at the same time nurses should only be wearing white scrubs since they are the followers of nightingale who really gives extra importance on cleanliness through purity. The rest must then be discussed by all concerned, like it should be worldwide if possible.

And so the second question goes: how did they became to like this simple style of a lab coat or uniform? And the answer here is simply because they are more comfortable working using the said kind of uniform.

This uniform scrub is more comfortable to use compared to the gala uniform and just to note: nurses are not allowed to wear wrinkled uniforms! And so they like this much better because its easy to wash dry and fold and also because they don't quite worry of their actions for just the uniform. They can now be more efficient in work through this wrinkle free material of the scrub suits. One good thing to suggest to manufacturers and suppliers of these scrubs is to make sure that the right people are going to use the uniform and are not to be sold as uniforms for baby sitters and nannies.

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Nowadays scrubs are not the only uniform for nurses, it has also became the uniform in the laboratory, midwives and even attendants or assistants. This uniform scrub are more comfortable to use compared to other traditional uniform.

srub uniforms are commonly used by doctors but nurses uses it also. there are also dentist who uses this and this scrubs comes in different color today like a black scrubs that are commonly used during cold seasons.