Famous Crown Regency Hotel Offers a Questionable Club Ultima membership

Today March 12, 2012 I visited the Club Ultima at Crown Regency Hotel in Fuente Osmeña Cebu City. They actually made a call to me about their promo and opportunity to tour around the hotel’s amenities and privileges offered to their members.

Club Membership for the Rich Only

We already have in mind that Club Ultima is for members only(meaning the rich only) and hence we clarified to them if there really is a fee involved on claiming the gift certificate which will give us the opportunity to have a 100% free dinner and a 50 % off on any Crown Regency Hotels like in Mactan and in Boracay. They told me over the phone that it will only take them 90 minutes to finish the appointment. So my wife and I proceeded anyway, since it is only 90 minutes and we might get something promising too.

Once we arrive and meet their salesman, he told me that we can get that gift certificate after a 90 minutes presentation which turns out to be marketing presentation. The verbal low tech took 4 hours before we get the free dinner and the 50% discount gift certificate for hotel accommodation.

What disappointed me?

They offer me a Club Ultima membership worth either P499,905 or P301,134. This membership has free use of many amenities daily and it has either 7 nights or 1 night free stay to any Crown Regency Hotels per year. The membership that you will pay is not consumable so it can be considered as an investment. They will let me pay the down payment of P76,789.00 or 30% of P301,134.00. Do I look like a person that will pay P499,905 for luxury stay in this 5 star hotel? And since we still did not accept the offer they again offered us to stagger the 30% down payment which can only be P10,000.00 to be paid "TODAY" and then pay P1300+ monthly maintenance with P500 rebates later. They did not actually forced us and they say that the offer is not for anybody and everybody. Bottomline is we’ve wasted our precious time on something that we should have spent on our business.

Real value of the membership (After a long wasted not direct to the point discussion)

Since I told them that I can not afford the P30% of the P499,905 this people brought down the price to a stagger payment. They will divide the 30% of P499,905 into 10 months monthly payment. It’s actually a bit smaller amount then and attractive due to the privileges offered but the problem is that the promo is only available “TODAY”. It’s a Now or Never condition. They say it’s the policy of the company and they don’t want to be unfair with the rest of their members. Knowing this, maybe it’s true but what made us step back is that why are we put in a situation to decide right away like what they say ”TODAY” is our only chance of availing the opportunity of becoming a member. Being a member is not in our dreams right away!

One day investment decision for P499,905?

WHAT THE F.... Club Ultima wanted me to invest P499,905 in stagger payment but I can only decide it ”TODAY”and once we leave the building we will no longer be able to avail the discounted and stagger 30% of P499,905. They say, we can stop the membership but we cannot anymore get the money, and we can only sell/assume our rights to another. Ouch.

Even though I got the 50% discount hotel accommodation gift certificate from them as promised, what I do not like is the Club Ultima's scam style of marketing they are practicing. You need to pay ”TODAY” for the membership to avail the promo. They will present the expensive membership first which at that moment they will let you feel that there’s no other choice but then if you really refuse they will again offer another then we refuse then give another offer!

Wasted 3 Hours

Such a waste of time! What a kind of marketing plan is this? Why can’t they just present all choices at one time, give a summary of each choice and if quite interested then continue the discussion focusing on the offer being chosen? They putting people at risk! Why? Because you are to decide with the investment right away or today only!

To us, we are the kind of person who never wants to decide things right there and then. Our BIG question now is that why are we placed in a situation where there’s no time for us to think things over? Even a real businessman, they don’t create and start a business at an instant like magic but they spend time on FEASIBILITY STUDY and business plans!

Do you get my point? My point here is that if they are confident enough with their marketing plan, they should always consider on letting their clients decide without any limitations on time. What is with the time? What is the difference with one week or one month decision making? I really was not convinced of what is the reason why they have to let us decide right away as in this same day not leaving the building without giving the down payment for us to be a member.

Hence, we decided to decline the quite attractive offer leaving them without paying the down payment for we prefer not to be a member anymore than to sacrifice our decision time and money where we are not sure yet of what are we entering.

Guest post by anonymous

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Sorry to hear about how the business conversation went. That is the problem with other establishment like that, they never tell you first hand of what's gonna be the deal and agenda. They never care that you wasted time to come up there and waited for hours.

Anyway, thanks for linking my blog here and for leaving some comment.

thanks for sharing this... what a marketing ploy!

fucking shit club ultima of crown regency davao city... they were wasting my 4 hours for their decieving promotion... ang sarap ng salestalk nila na namimigay daw ng libreng certificate...ni piso wala daw babayaran... free daw lahat.. pero at end sa pasikot sikot na mga blah blah nila,, pera lang din pala ang patutunguhan....fucking shit sila.

Yep. Grabe yng marketing ploy. Scam talaga labas nito. Just imagine yng selling point is you pay 500K to be a club ultima member so you can have 7 days hotel room accomodation to any crown regency in a given year for the rest of your life. Ok na sana, what really got my fancy was you have to pay 10,000 maintence fee per year on top of the 500K. Huh? Hello! Parang binayaran mo na din yng free hotel accomodation per year. Kahit di mo gagamitin yng hotel stay. Babayad ka pa din 10K per year.

It's a marketing scam. They are trying to make money out of nothing. They want to make money out of you by giving you the prestige title of club ultima member. Pero yng 7 days hotel stay mo in truth binabayaran mo din by way of their maintenance fee of 10K per year.

Accredited daw sila sa International hotels para magamit yng free accomodation ng crown in exchange sa accomodation for ibang hotels outside. Tell you what. you need 2 years advance booking sabi ng sales.. hhahahaha.

Eto pa honestly, part ng sales talk nila ha.. "Usually yng mga arrogante and egotistic daw yng mga maraming tanong pero sa totoo lng wala daw sila pera".. "Happiness has no price tag, kahit ano amount babayaran for happiness." hehehe, grabe yng sales talk.


In the end they give gift certificate for 3 days and 2 nights sa crown regency hotel. Pero dami red tape para ma-avail tapos mag deposit ka pa 5K. When you try to book w/ them puro walang bakante. Tapos mag expire yng gift certificate in 3 months. hahhaha

I received a call about this before but did not fall for it since I attended the same invitation when I was in Boracay. Medyo sneaky yung strategy nila for you to get your membership. Parang Swerte at Libre yun pala meron pa ring catch. This will serve as a warning for those who are not aware of the ploy.

Geez! I also received the same offer. They told me d presentation would be for the promotion of crown regency boracay. I was excited at first since my husband and i stayed at crown regency cebu after our wedding and we have frequented the hotel anyway. So i thought the "random selection" was legit. It was only after i hanged up that i started thinking. So i browsed the web to verify the promo that i was told about (if ever there was any) only to read blogs about crown regency's promo scam. Such a waste of time.

Good thing i took time to check sa net about this scam. Thank God na rin... and thank you sa info ninyo. Muntik na ko. Hehehe.

Sa lahat ng naloko ng scam naito pwede po natin silang ereklamo Kay Ramon tulpo ng aksyon TV 5 maaksunan pro nil agad aged ang reklamo nyo at mababalik ang binayad nyo kung mayroon man kayong binayad as kanila kung dinila babalik ang pera nyo mapapasara ang club ultima Basra magreklamo kayo Kay tulpo.

Kami din po ng asawa ko ay tinawagan ng club ultima and sad to say nagbayad kami kaya paaksyunan namin ito as tulpo brothers para matapos na panloloko ng club ultima kaya sa lahat ng naloko sama sama po natin silang ireklamo sa aksyon tv5.

Naloko rin po kami gusto ko na mabawi binayad ko.

Hey guys buti nlang napunta ako dto s site n ito. last week kc tinawagan din ako ng crown regency hotel and nakaschedule n kami ng asawa ko bukas sa Pasig City, Metro Manila ang presentation at ibbgay ang GC free dinner ndin. talagang napaniwala ako s mala angel n boses ng staff nila. buti nlng nabasa ko mga comments nyo kaya d nalang ako tutuloy bukas. muntik n ako hehehe salamat sa inyo. God bless

Tnx s comments nyo.Nalinawan n ko nksched dn kmi ng asawa ko s thurs s westlife bldg dw s my sm north buti n lng npunta ako s site n to.manigas sila kkhintay ngyon!mga manloloko pla sila!

Yah..May na received din ako call from them 09481100501. Sa puregold Binan may raffle some time ago and I won free 2D3N stay at crown regency hotel choose from 3 hotel locations daw. And they were asking for my income. Di naman ako rich eh. Then to claim need to finish 90 minutes of video clippings for you to choose your best destination among the branches of their hotels at El Cielito Hotel Sta. Rosa Laguna on Saturday 1PM to 2PM..This is for the Rich and Famous!!

thanks a lot I would have cancelled an appointment for tommorrow coz also received an invite for free 3D n 2 nights stay for four ... just had the gut feel its too good to be true an offer like this with no catch... thanks again... otherwise what a time wasted plus dragged ko pa husband sana tommorrow buti na lang for this blog kung hindi lagot ako sa asawa ko hahaha

Na experience din nmin ng mister ko yan last sunday. Grabe ang tindi ng pressure, talagang pipilitin k nilang maglabas ng pera in that day also...

I received a call also from 09188500060 Sa puregold San Pedro may raffle some time ago and I won free 2D3N stay at crown regency hotel choose from 3 hotel locations daw.no validity period no expiry good for 2 adults and 2 kids. Then to claim need to finish 90 minutes of video clippings for you to choose your best destination among the branches of their hotels at El Cielito Hotel Sta. Rosa Laguna on Wednesday from 5:30 PM-7:00 PM.May free heavy snacks pa and the worth of voucher/gift certificate is 24 K but not convertible to cash. No financial obligation daw no need to bring cash when claiming the voucher, pero booking fee is 3000 pag e avail na & food is not included daw. Thank you for this post.

Ngayon lang katatawag sa akin, papunta na sana ako ngayong 5:00pm after my work here in Alabang, buti na lang nag research muna ako sa internet.salamat sa blog nyo. Nakaiwas ako sa posibleng scam na ito at pag kaubos ng oras ko.

Same here. ( OFFICIAL INVITATION ) to:MR.& MRS., CROWN REGENCY HOTEL ofc. Located @ GR0UND FLOOR. FUNCTION ROOM of EL CIELITO INN HOTEL,along BALIBAGO ROAD Near BEL - AIR and Sea oil gas station. STA.ROSA,LAGUNA We are inviting u to claim ur gft.cert.pls be here tom WEDNESDAY AUG, 06, 2014 at around 5:00pm to 6:30pm. We are willing to accomodate u. There will be a free HEAVY SNACK to be serve. REQUIREMENTS: Don't 4get to bring ur 1valid ID w/ ur spouse . Kindly finish d 90 minutes video clippings for you to choose ur best destination among the branches of our hotels.The gft.cert.,3days and 2nyts stay, NO VALIDITY PERIOD. Again No financial obligation,no commitment. Kindly look for Ms.SHERLYN MENDOZA our receptionist.. thank you for accepting our invitations. See you and Godbless.. This is Ms.BLAIZE SANDOVAL - Congratulations!

Visit us: www.skyexperienceadventure.com

Papano ba eto sila i-report? Can we report this people. I already told them i am not interested but they still keep calling me.

I got a text message today from kim abreo of club ultima crown regency asking for the best time to call. He/she said it was connected to the raffle I signed up in puregold san pedro. I didn't pay much attention. I knew this was another scam because some time ago I got a call from crown regency telling me that I was recommended by one of their clients to receive a free 3D2N stay. As soon as I saw the name crown regency in the sms today, I knew it was a scam. It looks like they are really desperate, to sell this membership and steal away our hard earned money. Since I already know about this scam, the big question now would be, how come Puregold Management allows such raffles to be given away in their premises? Do they not screen such activities and make sure they are real and not just a scam? This can be bothersome to valued customers and can ruin puregold's reputation. What desperate advertising move/campaign on the part of crown regency. Making a fool of people and stealing their money. What a shame!

I also got a call regarding this scam... e report na natin cla sa BISTADO or kay TULFO!

I am based in Cebu and got a call regarding this offer but I know this is crap.


Hi guys, if you can't afford the offer you can just no.

Hi, any news dun sa mag-rereport sa Tulfo brothers. Another victim here.

I just received a phone call earlier with same offer. Sad thing is that they continue doing this kind of marketing strategy - NO GOOD. They even sent me text as formal invitation on their Makati address Le Metropole Bldg Buendia near RCBC. Name used in texting me is Sydney Lopez from cp# 0927-3809876. Beware and good thing I did some research - I definitely would not come to their office.

I just got home from the awardkawarding cerèmony kuno ...di nnmin tinapos.. ang bagal kasi magsalìta nung seller.. alam nmn nmin na may hidden agenda sila.. pero ang tanung ung binigay kaya nila na gift certificate eh legit??bka 5 star accomodation nga pero nasa economy room k..cnu po ba ñang naka try na ng gift cert. Nila??


Thanks to all who bothered to write this warning to this group's prospected victims. This spared me from further problems.

good day to all, now Club ultima is inviting people includes me, to island cove in cavite, thank you for this blog, surely im not coming..lol.

Scam still on going. Got a call with the same modus. 3D2N crown regency and 90min presentation etc. Good thing i googled it and ended up on this site. Thank you so much. I was supposed to go to them, i researched becasue i thought it too good to be true.

Got a call from 09166679274 & 09176971195 - Alex Medina

Also sent me a confirmation text.

Congratulations Mr. _________ you are entitled to received a 5star Accomodation that you can use in CROWN REGENCY HOTEL it’s a 3days and 2nights accomodation good for 2adults and 2kids NO VALIDITY or EXPIRATION upon using so you can use it in your most convinient time.
and another one:


Claiming Schedule of ur no expiry luxury hotel accom. certificate will be set Today Monday Apr.18 around 5:30pm to 7:30pm
CROWN REGENCY HOTEL/ Club Ultima Office: Unit 102 G/F LE METROPOLE BLDG. corner Tordesillas St. along Sen. Gil Puyat/Buendia (Inline of RCBC Plaza Gil Puyat, opposite PAG-IBIG FUND/BIR.in between Ministop & PhilTrust Bank).
REQUIREMENTS:Bring 1 valid ID for proper identification.
Kindly watch the 90mins. video clippings & graphic display for you to help choosing which hotel suites suit for you and also to provide u all the details regarding to ur gift cert with free refreshment
-No Financial obligation upon claiming.
Just look for me ALEX MEDINA
(02)507-51-73/ 346-87-15. See you and God bless you!

Hahaha Scam pa more!! thanks sa blog, muntik na rin ako

Buti n lang nag search muna ako about crown ultima. Nanalo nga din daw ako ng 3D2N. Ilan beses n sila tumatawag kahit sbhin ko d kami pde mag asawa.

To: Mr. & Mrs ________,


You are invited to claim your luxury accomodation gift cert., TODAY MONDAY (July 25,2016) or TOMORROW TUESDAY (July 26,2016) in between 5pm-7pm. With free complimentary FOOD to be serve during the awarding, Just bring one valid ID only together with your spouse and kindly finish the 90mins. Holiday presentati0n for you to see the complete amenities and facilities of all the hotels so you can choose your best destination w/ the other recipients and dinner. The gift: 3 days/2 nights stay - the hotel voucher is good for 2 adults and 2 kids package, NO EXPIRY. REMINDERS: No financial obligation, no commitment, no fees to be collected upon claiming & upon using your GC you can call our reserv. dept. 2weeks ahead of time. Look for Ms. Joy Vallejo our recepti0nist. 02- 346-8716, Thank you & Godbless
Mr. Mark Mendoza,

This scam still ongoing. I got a call last Wed and received another call this morning. I told them that I won't get the GC anymore after reading all thr negative reviews about them. As expected, they were very defensive. Such a waste of time!

Sana makita na po natin ang mga ito sa imbestigador. They have been doing this dor a long time now. They want us to decide about the membership right away because once we got out of the building, pwede na tayo mag search and study about the company and learn about them and their big scam.

I received this text today. They are still at it.
Good Day! This is Nathan De Guzman, from CLUB ULTIMA PHILIPPINES INC., an affiliate of Crown Regency Hotels and Resort. As part of our promotional campaign, we are glad to inform you that you are entitled to receive a luxury 3 days and 2 nights hotel accommodation privilege gift certificate in crown regency hotel 3 hotels in cebu and 1 in davao, good for 2 adults and 2kids no validity or expirati0n date. One of our Reservation Officer will be calling you back on how to avail our promo.
For any queries, you may call or text to this # 02-5008957/09176452730. www.crownregency.com. Thank you and Godbless

Its not a Scam its there Marktg approach, stop saying na scam sla people ksi gingawa lng nla trabaho nla in besides kayo man may kasalanan nyan if nakabayad kayo bakit? Pinilit ba nla kayo? Offer lang man yung gingawa nla. "offer" nga lng dba meaning NO OBLIGATION if nagpadala kayo sa hagod nila, edi kayo na mali nun. Bsta sla nagtrabho lang yun sla, at bat scam? pinakain ka, bingyan ka nang GC tas inasikaso kapa, scam ba yung ganun? Pls watch ur words BIG company baya sla, if di nyo nagustuhan wag na pro wag nyo naman sabihin na scam, SALES ksi yan kaya ganon nangyari.

Starting today we will conduct an intelligence surveillance regarding this matter. We will not tell which hotel branch.

- Anonymous Intelligence Agency

If this is not a scam? What do you call for this? I think this is a trap... Do they have DTI permit?

up until now..gnyan parin ang strategy nila..and mas aggressive sila ngayon kasi maraming beses ka nila tatawagan in a day and same din lang ang sinasabi.. tsk!nakakainis at nakakaistorbo..

So you work them obvious kasi

I have received a similar call from Club Ultima today, as in I have just hung up from that call after telling them I'm going to research this first before giving them my information. This was the number they called me from, 09174718418. It's scary kasi alam nila ang name at number mo. Where are they getting this info from? Someone is selling them a list of consumers who somehow have left their contact info. Baka naman ung mga kunwari na raffle promo sa mga groceries pero nagcocollect lang sila ng data. Dapat siguro maitawag na ito sa 8888 para may reference ung ibang future complaints. We should reinforce the Consumer Privacy Act in this country. Thanks for this blog.