Filipino E-Car Inventor Needs your Support

Filipino e-car developer Complain of lack of Government Support

Introductory testing for the prototype car executed by the Division of Science and Technology (DoST) and the Department of Energy (DoE) last February exhibited evidence so it was in some manner “creating” more electricity than what it absolutely was using up, or perhaps was “self-charging.”

Aviso can be waiting for additional tests being conducted.

Each week before the first round regarding tests, Aviso’s overseas friends along with believers voluntarily set up regarding him any Paypal account for a simpler transfer of donation cash from anywhere in the world into their bank account inside the Philippines.

Aviso, who runs any water-refilling business throughout Navotas City, makes no bones in relation to his requirement of funding pertaining to his self-sustaining energy car engineering, which has evidently made christians out the people from other countries who had picked up their story via video-sharing websites this also daily.

Though the government, he lamented, was not quick enough to accept his technology which, seeing that seen through videos over the Youtube, allows your pet to drive his crude, skeletal prototype car around his neighborhood with virtually no energy.

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