2011 Digital Teaching Innovation Training for Teachers

The Smart Teaching and Educational Providers (STEP) will conduct the 2011 Digital Teaching Innovation, a 3 day training with hands on application from June 3 to Sept 25, 2011 at the designated computer laboratories of the STEP partners assigned to the schools. The specific schedule or the training are follows:

Date - June | Time - 3 days 8:00Am to 5pm | Division - Marikina Pasig San Juan and Quezon City

Date - July | Time - Same - Caloocan, Malabon, Navotas and Valenzuela CIty

Date - August | Time - same | Division - Makati, Mandaluyong, Manila, Taguig, Pateros, Pasay and Paranaque City. In details..

The training aims to:

1. prepare the teacher participants to utilize the instructional technology tools responsibly;

2. help them value curriculum outcomes over technology;

3. educate them on how to use online grade books, which make sharing scores and classroom information with students and then parents much easier.

4. train them on the online education ( to use video conferencing like skype that will allow them to share media and information with student

5. develop digital learning materials which complement multi-sensory learning environments.

The participants to this training are the administrators, elementary and secondary teachers from both public and private schools. The names of teachers who will attend must be submitted by their school principals. They can bring their own laptops.

A registration fee of P800 will be charged each from public school participants and P1200 each from private school participants to cover the cost of venu8e training modules and certificates.

Pls contact Ms Mary Ann Baldomero, Program Coordinator, STEP at telephone no. 332-7452 and mobile 0916-4021-2999.

DepEd Advisory No. 220 S. 2011

1 Komento ng Ulirang Guro:

Upgrading the teachers in multimedia teaching strategies and instructional technology tools helps a lot to impart learning not by books alone but with the use of digital teaching innovations.Problem is even teachers cant afford to buy one old desktop because of financial shortage due to low salary and chained in lending companies.The objectives of the program is in good purpose but limited only to those who can afford....
Yes we cant deny the rapid digital innovation that takes place in teaching world,and it is a must that we will cope it to let us not left behind. What my point is, we aiming to meet the rapid changing world of technologies but still our way of teaching still in most basic.....blackboard and chalk method.