IDOL KO SI RIZAL YouTube Video Contest

The National Youth Commission and the National Historical Commission of the Philippines will launch a competition on Idol Ko Si Rizal YouTube Video Contest.

The competition aims to inculcate in the Filipino youth a sense of pride and nationalism.

The specific objectives of the competition are to

1. Motivate young Filipinos to restudy Rizal and find meaning of his life and works
2. Encourage them to engage in the discourse of maing sense of Rizals heroism by producing online materials which articulate their appreciation of the national hero.
3. Foster dialogue online between creators and viewers and among thegeneral topic of Rizal.

The following are mechanics of the contest.

1. The contest is open to all young Filipinos 15-35 years old
2. The video should not more than 150 seconds
3. The participants can choose real life drama, comedy, documentary, animation, musical whatever they can imagine
4. The video must answer the question "Bakit Idol ko Si Rizal"
5. The entry form can be downloaded at the NYC website.
6. The video must be submitted via to
7. Deadline of submission Aug 19,20100
8. A list of eligible entries will be announced in NYC website and Facebook page.

Prizes for the youtube video contest

Gold - P25000
Silver - P20000
Bronze - P15,000
3 Special Citazions - P5000 each
3 Most Popular awards - P5000 each

For details contact - 781-2386 or 02-749-9401

Email at

Deped Advisory 318 S 2011

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