Training Program in the Mathematical Enhancement, Recreations and Innovations Toolkit for Teachers 2

The Department of Science and Technology Science Eduation Institute in collaboration with Mathematical Society of the Philippines will conduct a specialized training program entitled Mathematical Enhancement, Recreations and Innovations Toolkit for Teacher 2 on Oct 24-2- 2011 at the Puta de Faian Resort Manila East Road Brangay Evangelista Baras Rizal.

The application for participation is open to all math teachers of S&T Oriented HS , Regional Science HS and Philippines Science High School in Luzon except the NCR. Please see the enclosure no 1 for qualified schools. Each schools may send 2 nominee shall fill up the application form and send it to and

For more information, please contact Ms. Lilia Lauron, Chief Science Education and Innovations, Division of the SEI-DOST at 02-837-0057.

DepEd Memorandum No. 225 S. 2011

1 Komento ng Ulirang Guro:

Every teacher must compete its skills , knowledge and learning not to his/her self nor to his/her co-teachers but to the fast changing world. And it is very timely that a training program in Mathmatics for enhancement,recreations and innovations for teachers will be conducted. This is because that not all teachers especially in the elementary are Mathematics major. Sometimes even an agriculture teacher was forced to teach nose bleeding large numbers and mind blowing problems just simply because there's lack of number oriented teachers. But , what i am asking and wonder..why such training is only limited to T-2? Why not all? Or Why not the Mt's ?What the logic behind? I am teaching Mathematics for almost 15 years, i cant avail the training because I am T-1 because of lack of masters degree.But as teacher i am still hungry for new training in which there are lots to be learned.Just because of budgetary constraint? Everything has a way just let it open to all...mabuhay po ang mga guro!!!