National Paralegal Training for Teachers Leaders

The Teachers Dignity Coalition in coordination with the office of the DepEd Undersecretary for legal affairs and sentro ng alternaibong lingap panligal - Sanligan will hold the National Paralegal Training for Teacher-Leaders with the them Kaalamang Leagal, Aking Tungkulin at Karapatan, on November 20-21 at Bayview Park Hotel, Roxas Blvd Manila

The activity aims to equip the teacher leaders with the legal knowledge and skills to make them more responsible leader and educations provide them with information on pertinent issues of the educational sector and solicit more proposals for a better and improved education system.

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For more information, please contact Mr. Benjo Basas, National Chairperson, TDC, at Tel 385-3437.

DepEd Memo No 256 S 2011

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That should be good then. The field of paralegals, the training they took, actually has a good job outlook. Paralegals earn between $40,000-$60,000 and sometimes even more