Elementary Science Schools Obtain Teaching Improvement Subsidy

The Department of Education can give some P27 million in subsidy to the country’s special science elementary schools (SSES) nationwide in line with its thrust to further strengthen the teaching of the sciences in schools.

Of the country’s 200 SSES, 103 schools will receive the subsidy. The rest will get their own financial support from the Special Education fund.

Education Secretary Armin Luistro said the subsidy will mainly go to the enhancement of the capacity for science teachers which is a critical input in generating high-caliber science students.

“ It is important that we invest in the enrichment of our teachers’ mentoring skills specially in the field of sciences because it will have a bearing on the type of science oriented graduates we produce,” said Luistro.

Based on DepEd Memo no. 88, 40% of the allotment will go to the enhancement of the capability of instructors and school heads via their engagement in conferences, trainings, seminars and engagement training in science-oriented schools. However, 25% will go to the development of pupil actions such as investigatory projects, leadership classes, workshops, academic visits and participation in science connected activities.

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Until now wala pang subsidy na dumarating sa Batch 3