Activities of the Supreme Pupils Goverment SPGs, Supreme Student Government SSg and other school based co curricular clubs or organizations for the na

DepEd Memo No. 126 S 2012

Pursuant to the Synchronized program, project and activities of DepEd Memo no 109, S 2012 all supremen pupil goverment, supreme student government and other school based co curricular clubs or organizations shall actively participate in the 2012 National teachers Month and World Teacher day celebration from Sept 5 to Oct 5, 2012 with the theme "My Teacher My Hero".

In view thereof, the following organizaton matters hall be observed and accomplished to achieve a united, synchornized and successful conduct of NTM and WTD activities:

a. THe SPGs and the SSG in all pulic and private schools shall lead the planning and implementation of all activities pertinent to these celebrations;

b. As often as possible, SPG with the guidance of their advisers shall call all presidents, heads, representatives of school based cocurricular clubs or organzations to a meeting, while the SSGs shall convene the Coordinating Council of Campus Co-curricular organziation in accordance with DepEd Order No. 79, s 009, otherwise known as the Revise standard Constitution and By Laws of the SSG in High School.

C. Boy Scouts, girl Scouts and other school based co curricular clubs or organization may plan their own NTM and WTD activities

c. PTA, local goerment units and other government agencies officials, community, business, socio-civic organizatons and non government organization leaders including church leaders shall be invited and engaged in the planning and implementation of activities reltaive to NTM and WTD celebrations.

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