DepED ICT Program - Assessment

Deped Memorandum

The Department of Education and the United states Agency for International Development have agreed to conduce the ICT4E Assessment entitled Understanding the state of the Art of Information and Communication Technology for Education in the Philippines.

The Foundation for Information Technology Education and Development will be the overall coordinator for this project.deped teacher ict training
student ict program

The project team members are hereby authorized to visit DepED offices, elementary and secondary schools, and Alternative Learning system centers and to conduct the following activities from July to September 2012.

Component Coordinator /Implementer Officials/Personnel/School heads

Inventory of FITED with the help Relevant DepEd offices, all elementary
ICT4E Projects of Regional and Div High School and ALS centers with ICT Proj
ICT coordinator

Survey on ICT FITED and TNS Phils Selected 385 secondary schools
Utilization FITED Selected public secondary schools

All concerned are enjoined to support this project and extend every possible assitance to expedite the completion of the activities. The results of this ICT4E assessment will serve as basis for determining the achievement of the following objectives.

a. To improve the design and implementation of the DepED computerization program and DepED internet Connectivity Program.

b. To better integrate ICT in the K12 Curriculum

c. To create and implement ICT training programs for teachers

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d. To develop relevant policies and guidelines for schools to effectively use ICT in teaching and learning process.

Ms. Patricia Arinto
Team Leader

Mr. Benjamin Vergel De Dios
Lead, Inventory of ICT4E Projects

Ms. Yazmin Tolention
Coordiantor, Survey on ICT Utilization
Tel no. 02- -584-2233 email

1 Komento ng Ulirang Guro:

DepEd ICT Program upgrades the educational system. The installation of the e-classroom in our school showed that Public School is more hi-tech compared to other private schools because private schools in our municipality has no white interactive board which my pupils are enjoying. Lessons are enhanced through hyper linking websites which are useful in the lessons. However, I believe I need more training. As ICT Teacher with no formal training, I am just having my self study and exploring the net for further understanding about e-teaching/learning. THANKS!