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Department of Education

Request to Hire a Senior System and Web Developer/programmer for the Learning Resources Management and development

This is to request for the hiring of a Senior System Developer/Programmer for the Learning

Resources Management and Development System to funded by SPHERE for 6 and 1/2 month from June

15, to Dec 31 2012.


1. MVC framework and object oriented programming
2. Solid coding experience in web development tools particularly PHP, AJAX, HTML, Java scripts, CSS.
3. Portal management systems and tools.
4. Creative UI design skills for web page design and development including, audio, full motion video, tex and graphics production. (Adobe Flash, Adobe Premiere, Final Cut Pro skills is an advantage)
5. Relational database management systems, particularly MySQL
6. System analysis and design methodologies.
7. Web analytics and tools to establish and report on system performance matrics.
8. Network and web security Administration.

Desired Experience

1.At least 5 years experience in system and web development with skills in analysis, design, programming, testing and implementtion.

2. At least 3 years experience in developing web based applications, web portals using PHP, MySQL, Code Igniter, Apache and anything related.

3. Experience in development and implementation of goverment and or eduation related application, particularly in the areas of learning content development and management system.

4. At lease 2 years experience in training users, providing technical support on large scale system implementation or operationalization.

5. Must have teaching skills and dedication for public service.

The expertise of an experienced Senion System Developer is critical to ensure the continuing

development, find tuning and optimization of the LRMDS application. The development involves

the adjustment of the system to accommodate new data and process requirements, review and

optimization of program codes and system design to ensure maximum performance.

With the creative design skills in webpage design and development of the Senior system

developer, it is expected that the LRMDS will be able to provide learning resources that are

interactive including those with audio, audio visual, text and graphics production.

Project Scope:

Develop new programs and or adjust existing programs according to approved requirements and

set coding standards.

Redesign ser interfaces and enhance the functionality of the sytem to enhance access LR

information and usability of the portal.

Design, coordinate and delivery fully function web based and internactive software


Test, deploy and document program modules in coordinatio with QA/Program Support and DepED

LRMDS Mainternance Group.

Liase with the office of technical services and regional LRMD systems managersas required to

inform systms improvements.

Provide necessary techniccal inputs to system design and development strategies to ensure adherence to industry "best practices"and standards.

Train the DepED LRMDS Maintenance Group on the continuing maintenace of the LRMSDS software.

Provide neccessary technical support to system users

Williness to travel as required.

Salary Range - 80,000 to 100,000 a month.

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