Tugdan National High School

The enactment of the RA 9155, Governance of Basic Education Act empowers all schools to set their goals for improvement. The school now assumes responsibility for planning and implementing their agenda. We are now responsible for the review on the progress of educational management.

Tugdan National High School is guided by  the following core values:

1. Academic excellence
2.Community orientation
3. Ecological awareness
4.Effective leadership


Tugdan National High School is a center of excellence which aims to develop academically competent,   morally upright, and community - oriented students who are skillful and functionally literate members of the community duly managed by effective leaders and supportive stakeholders.


To provide secondary education with competent, value – oriented, ecologically aware graduates and well rounded members of the community anchored on productive involvement of human resources.

Read more: http://tugdannationalhighschool.webnode.com/ Create your own website for free: http://www.webnode.com

Read more: tugdannationalhighschool.webnode.com

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