DepEd Order No 55. S 2013 - School Anti- Bullying Policies

Implementing Rules and Regulation of Republic Act No. 10627

An Act of Requiring All Elementary and Secondary Schools to Adopt Policies to Prevent and Address the Acts of Bullying in their Institutions or the Anti Bulllying Act of 2013

1. For the information and guidance of all concerned, enclosed is a copy of the implementing rules and regulations of Republic of Act no. 10627, entitled An Act of requiring All Elementary and Secondary School to Adpot Policies to Prevent and Address the Acts of Bullying in Their Institutions. This is also known as Anti Bullying Act of 2013.

2. Pursuant to Section 17 of this IRR, this order shall take effect fifteen days after its publication in the official gazette or in a newspaper of general circulation. As such, the IRR will take effect on Jan 3 2014, since it was published on Dec. 19, 2013 in newspapers, The Manila Times and Business Mirror respectively.

3. The provisions of DepEd No. 40. S 2012 or the Deped Child Protection Policy on bullying are hereby deemed amended. All other provisions of said DepEd Order shall remain in full fore and effect.

4. All other memoranda and related issuance inconsistent with the contents or this order are hereby repealed, revised or modified accordingly.

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