Regional Memo No 001 s 2015
DepeD Region, VII

To maximize the utilization of the eClassromm package provided by the Department of Education, a hands-on training will conducted to recipient school of DepEd computerization program bath 16 in 6 clusters. This will be held at Hotel Pier Cuatro, 3rd ave. North Reclamation Area, Cebu City. Kindly refer to the schedlule below and polease see attached list of recipient school per cluster

Cluster #1 Jan 26-27
Cluster #2 Jan 28-29
Cluster #3 Jan 30-31
Cluster #4 Feb 2-3
Cluster #5 Feb 4-5
Cluster #6 Feb 6-7

The objectives of the training are as follows:
a. equip the participants on the utilization, operation and maintenance of the e-Classroom package;
b. create classroom activities using the Classroom Management software; and
c. display commitment and positive interest in using the package as an aid for
classroom instruction and in producing 21st century learners.

Participants to this training are:

a. Regional ICT Coordinator;
b. Division ICT Coordinator of the recipient schools involved;
c. School Head, designated School ICT Teacher, Science or English Teacher of the
recipient schools. (Please see Enclosure)

Meals ( breakfast, 2 snacks, lunch, and dinner), supplies and materials, training venue,
and hotel accommodation for the participants from outside the City limit, shall be shouldered by
Cebu Pro-tech Provider Inc. (CPPI). Traveling expenses shall be charged against local funds
subject to the usual accounting and auditing rules and regulations

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