New - Iskolar ng Bayan Act of 2014 for Top 10 Graduating Public High School Student

DepEd Memo 142 s2014

Dissemination of Republic Act no 10648

For the information and guidance of all concern, enclosed is a copy of RA 10648 dated Nov 24, 2014 eititled "An act providing scholarship grants to Top Graduate of all public high schools in state universities and colleges and appropriating funds therefor".

Sec  1. Short title - This act shall be known as Iskolar ng Bayan Act of 2014

Sec 2  Declaration of policy - It is declared policy of the state to protect and promote the right of all citizens to quality and accessible education at all levels and to establish and maintain a financial assistance system that shall be available to deserving students especially the underprivileged.

Sec 3 Coverage - The academic scholarship provided under the Iskolar ng Bayan Program hereinafter referred to as the Program, shall cover all public high school students belonging to the top 10 of the graduating class based in the guidelines and criteria set by DepEd whll will enroll in SUC as freshmen Provided, that they meet the admission requirements of the SUC where they intend to enroll in.

Sec 4 Admission in SUCs - Any public high school student who belongs to the top 10 bracket of the graduating class shall be entitled to the scholarship grant provided under this Act in any SUC of choice upon compliance with the following conditions:

a. The student has graduated from any public school within 2 years prior to academic year being applied.
b. The student's has complied withe the application requirements of the SUC
c. the students rank is reported by the school administrator in a certificate bearing the name.
d. Pass the entrance exam with the minimum rating.

Sec 5  Limitation in the Acceptance of top public  high school graduates by SUC.
The CHED and the concerend SUC shall establish the appropriate guidelines.

Sec 6 Support to the Program. - The following government agencies shall provide support for the effective implementation of the program -  CHED, DepED, SUC's, The LGus are encourage to create their own scholarship program, The DOLE, Private higher education institution, Private Corporations

Sec 7 Limitation of the program - The scholarship grant shall be limited to the full amount of tuition and other school fees for the 1st year of college.

Sec 8 Reportorial requirement of the SUC. - The SUC shall report annually to the CHED the database of the scholar ng bayan and other relevant data that will help improve the program.

Sec 9 Performance monitoring and Impact assessment. - The program shall be evaluated by CHED

SEc 10 . Appropriation - the amount necessary to carry out the provision of this act shall be included in the budget of the CHED or the concerned SUC.

Sec 11. Implementing the rules and regulations - The CHED and DEPED shall issue the Rules and Regulation within 60 days of publication.

Sec 12.  Separability Clause, If any part or provision of this act shall be unconstitutional, other provision if not affected shall continue.

Sec 13. Repeating clause - All laws, presidential decrees, executive orders, rules and regulation which are inconsistent with this Act are hereby repealed or modified accordingly.

Sec 14. Effectivity Clause - This should take effect 15 days from publication in the Official gazette or in at least 2 newspapers.

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