Dilema in educational system (Gusto kong ibagsak pero takot ako sa principal)

There are many high school students being passed in every year level of high school. This is not because they really pass the test, examination, recitation, projects etc but rather because of the fear in that their performance bonus will got deduction as penalty. Any failed student in your advisory or classroom will have equivalent performance to the teacher. This system in our public education have produce unqualified high school graduates. Let me tell you the process.

If the classroom teachers failed more than three student in his/her advisory, she will be scolded and threaten of deduction in her performance known as Revised Performance Appraisal System (RPAS). This RPAS score is equivalent to money, bonus or productivity pay. Teacher who dare to failed more students (which they deserved) will received less productivity pay and reprimand from principal and superintendent. Who want to be reprimanded anyway?

Why the teachers are being punish for student failure?
Any number of failed or drop students will replect to the principal performance, to the supervisor performance until the highest level. So is there anyone wanted to have deduction in their productivity pay and performance level for the failure of irresponsible student. Bahala na ang student, kung gusto mong matuto dito sa classroom, kung ayaw mong matuto bahala ka sa buhay mo. Perhaps the DepEd should inquire or study (researc) the action/s of many teachers if they found the student who are intellectually capable but nagpapabaya in their academics.
I believe there many students like this because I am a teacher too (There is a need to study the statistics of intellectually capable student who are pabaya in their academics) . Filipino students are bright yet they use it in other way. Instead of reading advance, normal student can be found somewhere. (Study again the statistics of public high school who study at home and who spent their precious time somewhere). In short any number of failed students will replect to the performance of higher official (accumulated since there are many sections and year levels) and eventually DEDUCT OF CHANCE OF PROMOTION both in principal, supervisor and superintendent.

Many reasons of factors why the student failed the grades. One which i believe is lack of right attitude. (because i came from poor family too yet i succeed in academics).Determination is not found in each student and most of the poor student always used economic status as their alibi. Seconddly, games of any kinds. computer, chat, TV, barkadas, separated parents etc. parents support is one. Actually the DepED doesnt not have research about the ranking of factors regarding student failure in the academics. It so hard to force the student to study as well the parent to force their children to study right? It is better to return the traditional punishment system just to improve education (palo and pahiya sa klase pag hindi nag aral).

Can teacher give me factors affecting student failure in their academics. Your suggestions are welcome here..

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Why should a mentor be affected by that "tested thing" in the educational system? It'd be the teachers' prerogative on what he should desire to do!

If i were you Mr mentor, i'd rather drop or fail those dull students regardless of whether or not i should get that shitty cheap bonus, than gamble with the children's future...

I don't go for the tried-and-tested things.

I strongly disagree with the "pahiya and palo" punishment to students for it the self esteem of the students might be lost.

The teacher would find some ways on how to discipline the students so they will participate and study their lessons without degrading him through "pahiya or palo".

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i believe, its not the bonus or performance appraisal. those are just icing in the cake.

actually, the main reason is that teachers are afraid and dont want to put the blame on them.... what i mean is .... if the teacher is doing his best ( with complete preparation, motivation, strategies) and still the students fail, then, that student deserves to have a failure mark, the teacher can defend and support such decision for failing the student. But if the teacher is "not teaching" (just reading, explanation, evaluation and sitting) and dont have the necessary documents to support the failing mark of the student, he is afraid to fail tha student for he is not doing his best. in other words.... teachers are being put to blame when students fail.... isnt it ironic?

we teachers are afraid to accept that we also make our own mistakes specially when students are concern.

Hello my fellow teachers!!!. The responsible for the denial of the proposed 9,000 increase are the committee on approprations in the congress. SO, I am calling all teachers and concern sectors accross the country to not to support this congressmen in their respective congressional district this coming election. Most special Junie Cua, Prosperos Nograles and others that have no hearts to us teachers. The 6,500 increase is not enough to spend our life even if in the below poverty line.
The list are the members of appropration committee.


Cua, Junie E. (LP, 2008/08/26)
Vice Chairman

Lagman, Edcel C. (LAKAS-CMD, 2008/08/26)
Cojuangco, Mark O. (NPC, 2007/08/22)
Almario, Thelma Z. (LAKAS-CMD, 2007/08/22)
Duavit, Michael John 'Jack' R. (NPC, 2007/08/22)
Jaafar, Nur G. (LAKAS-CMD, 2007/08/22)
Biazon, Rozzano Rufino B. (LP, 2007/08/22)
Dy, Faustino III G. (NPC, 2007/08/22)
Nicolas, Reylina G. (LAKAS-CMD, 2007/08/22)
Magsaysay, Ma. Milagros 'Mitos' H. (LAKAS-CMD, 2007/08/22)
Uy, Reynaldo S. , M.D. (LAKAS-CMD, 2007/08/22)
Apostol, Trinidad 'Ebbie' G. (LAKAS-CMD, 2007/08/22)
Mandanas, Hermilando I. (LP, 2007/08/22)
Bravo, Narciso Jr. R. (KAMPI, 2007/08/22)
Reyes, Carmencita O. (LAKAS-CMD, 2007/08/22)
Fua, Orlando B. (LAKAS-CMD, 2007/08/22)
Seachon-Lanete, Rizalina (NPC, 2007/08/22)
Abante, Bienvenido Jr. M (LAKAS-CMD, 2007/08/29)
Angping, Maria Zenaida B. (NPC, 2007/08/29)
Ong, Emil L. (KAMPI, 2007/08/29)
Daza, Paul R. (LP, 2008/05/14)

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