PGMA to increase public teachers salary

With just three years left in her term, President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo is already thinking on how history books will depict her and how she will be remembered.

Now entering into what many call her “legacy years”, the president recently stated that she plans to spend her remaining years in the office focusing on improving the quality of our graduates by modernizing the country’s education system.

Higher teacher pay, more scholarships for gifted students and better English language training.”
To ensure that her vision for a more globally-competitive Filipino students and graduates come true, the President stated that she plans to ask Congress to increase education’s budget by P29 billion next year. This increase, stated Ms. Arroyo, will be used to, among others, provide students with quality textbooks and grant loans to needy students.

The President explains that education reform is the only way poverty, the country’s other great problem, can be truly addressed. According to her, education is “a strategic and sustainable solution to poverty” and “knowledge is the great creator of wealth”. If the country wishes to improve its dire conditions, it has no other choice but to improve the quality of education its students gets.
PGMA finally understand the important of quality and goal oriented education. However, is she late already to prioritize this plan. Imagine, she stayed in the office almost two terms. Once again PGMA, its officials and the DEPED never bother asking the teacher what we need to provide quality education.

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