DepEd teachers audition for cyber ed project online instructor

Ricky Santos, DepEd special assistant on Information Communication Technology (ICT) integration in education, under the office of Education Secretary Jesli Lapus, admitted that the audition is part of the preparation for the eventual implementation of the controversial Cyber Education Project.

The teachers who came for the taping said they were earlier advised to report to the DepEd Central Office where the video taping for "demo teaching" would be conducted.

They said that the DepEd would eventually choose from their video recordings those that would be used for teaching through video that would be shown in remote areas of the country.

Well do you think this is the best selection process for selecting the teacher? Comment are welcome here.

2 Komento ng Ulirang Guro:

what language should be used???pwede po bang mix english and filipino??kasi diba pag sinabing remote iyong ibang student hindi naman naiintindihan...atsaka live po ba ung coverage ng e-learning??what i mean is how about kung may questions di ba???