Many faces of teachers

The four educators are the fruits of this year’s “Many Faces of the Teacher” search, which was organized in 2004 by the Bato Balani Foundation Inc. (BBFI) and Diwa Learning Systems Inc. (DLSI) to annually commend and encourage the Philippines’ seldom recognized and often overworked teaching force.

“We’d like to show that despite the dismal picture of our education system, we do have some bright spots. And the teachers are one of those bright spots in the midst of problems,” said the BBFI’s Saturnino Belen Jr. at the simple awarding ceremony in Makati City.

The 2007 awardees will again be honored in September’s “A Tribute to Teachers,” a yearly gathering also organized by the BBFI and DLSI to recognize “the selflessness and courage of teachers who continue the good work despite the odds.” Some 15,00 teachers are expected to attend the event.

Teodoro, noting the parallel decline in the interest in teaching as a profession and society’s regard for educators, told the Inquirer: “At least there will be public awareness that what teachers do is important, [especially those] teachers in the basic education sector who do the most difficult work.”

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