Revitalizes Boy Scouting in Schools

In recognition of the significant role of the Boy Scouts of the Philippines (BSP) in assisting the school system mold pupils and students into becoming responsible citizens, the Department of Education has revitalized boy scouting in the elementary and secondary levels.

With the BSP’s impressive track record on youth development, the scouting is an effective program in leadership and value formation of every child. It specifically aims to develop boys and young men into well-rounded individuals with exemplary character worth emulating by schoolchildren.

To support the initiatives of the organization, Education Secretary Jesli Lapus urged the officials and personnel of the Department to be members of the BSP. Likewise, school heads of both public and private elementary and high schools were encouraged to promote membership among pupils, students, parents and teachers at the start of a school year.

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it is the avenue of real transformation of values, congratulations.

Thank you so much for your visit. Indeed the best place for values development. An admiring activity of the Public Education System

A very good project in our local government, we hope that it would not be abused. Keep up the good work Ma'am Sara Duterte.