Toyota donate car for DepEd

Department of Education (DepEd) Secretary Jesli Lapus cites the Memorandum
of Agreement signing between DepEd and Philip Morris as “an expression of the
growing cooperation between the public and private sectors.” The agreement
between DepEd and Philip Morris Philippine Manufacturing Inc. (PMPMI) –
through its affiliate, Philippine Band of Mercy (PBM) was formalized recently at
the DepEd Central Office, Pasig City.

PMPMI and PBM will support the initiative of DepEd to strengthen technicalvocational
education by donating three units of Toyota Corolla 1.6 GLI in the
automotive servicing workshops of three techvoc high schools.

The school beneficiaries are Butuan City School of Arts and Trades in Butuan
City, Antique Vocational School in Bugasong, Antique, and Roxas City School
for Philippines Craftsman in Lanot, Roxas City.

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