Radio Still Best ICT Education

MAKATI CITY, Philippines -- Unless universal broadband Internet access becomes available to all Filipinos, traditional technologies such as radio will remain a relevant tool in the delivery of education in remote areas in the country. This was the finding of a foundation helping local communities harness information and communications technology for education and learning.

Ten years after it was established, the Foundation for Information Technology Education and Development (Fit-ED) has also learned that providing Internet connectivity to schools is not always the appropriate option when it comes to implementing ICT for education programs, said Victoria Tinio, executive director of Fit-ED, in an interview.

Fit-ED has been running a project dubbed "Education for All Thru Radio (EFAR)" which has proven to be an effective way of delivering science training to primary school teachers, as well as to communities in remote areas where there is no electricity.

Fit-ED launched this project August 2007 with the Department of Education and Coca-Cola Co. through broadcast networks in the country, added Liezl Formilleza-Dunuan, senior program manager at Fit-ED.

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