DepEd: 2008 NAT Results Very

Results of the 2008 National Achievement Test (NAT) for Grade 6 pupils in
public schools showed an increase in mean percentage score (MPS) of 5 %
over the 2007 results -- from 59.94% to 64.81% in 2008 or an improvement of
8%, bringing the Department of Education closer to its target of 75 % MPS by
2010, the department said.

The nationwide NAT given in March 2008 was taken by 1.64 million pupils in
some 30,396 schools. The five subject areas have 40 items each for a total of
200 items. “The key reforms and well-focused policy directions to improve basic
education are slowly but surely bearing fruit,” Education Secretary Jesli Lapus

The results also disclosed that the number of pupils with low mastery (score of
15 to 34%) have decreased from 8.18% in 2007 to 3.67% in 2008 while those
students moving towards mastery increased by 10.36% from 38.72% in 2007
to 49.08 % in 2008.

Schools with low mastery decreased from 3 in every 100 elementary schools
in 2007 to 1 in every 100 elementary schools this year.
In the key subjects tested, students showed the biggest improvement in
Science with a percentage increase of 12.26%, from an MPS of 51.58% in
2007 to 57.90% in 2008. It was followed by big strides in Filipino and HEKASI
which posted an improvement of 10.84% and 10.47 % respectively.

Overall, the average increment in MPS in Math, Science and English among
Grade 6 students was 6.24 %, from last year’s MPS of 44.29% to 47.67% this
year. “We are slowly earning dividends from our investment in public education and
we have our hardworking DepEd family and our private sector partners to
thank for,” Lapus added.

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DepEd has been concentrating its human and financial resources on key
performance indicators in basic education. It embarked on a host of
intervention programs aimed at improving classroom instruction. These include
the Every Child a Reader Program, continuing teacher training in teaching
English, priority in hiring teachers who have majored in Math, Science and
English, provision of one book each for every student in core subjects, food
for school program and Project TURN or Turning Around Low Performance in
English, among others.

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It's great that we now have a blog! I'll be visiting this blog often.

Nat is no longer a reliable sourse for evaluating achievements. As far as I know almost all the schools in the NCR have done their own way of making an increase in their pms, in the most honest and dishonest ways.. why ? I guess they wanted to beat the fact that students from the province are better than they are.

How true is it that NCR SCH officials initiated all the means to get high in the 2009 Result. Test Booklets were opened even before they were brought to schools.

This is not possible for a Sci High. They have pride and they will not allow this to happen

NAT is no longer a reliable source of evaluating our students. Many schools find ways to cheat just to get the best result stop the non-sense NAT its just a waste of time and money.....

fyi, many public school teachers give the answers to their students while giving the test... i used to be one, so i know how it goes. good thing ive moved on to higher pastures.

CCNSHS in cebu is taking their nat exams tomorrow -- and as a regular visitor to the scholl i can say that they are very honest.

Yes .This is true enough.NAT should be abolish.Answers were given before the exam and it is a practice here in NCR especially in Quezon City wherein the former Division Superintendent, Victoria Q. Fuentes is the mastermind that's why QC ranked 1st for 2 consecutive years.

Its really very sad to note that teachers who have become cheaters during the conductof the nat are going off unpenalized for their dastardly act. Heads should roll to serve as an example to those who are still planning to mess with such a very important measurement tool as the nat

is it allowed for a school to have 3 persons having the same surname?