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“School Mo Panalo” (SMP) is the Smart Schools Program Website’s Points and Reward System for its active contributors and contest participants.


  1. All SSP partner schools are invited to contribute articles for the SSP website and to join the SMP Points & Rewards System.
  2. Article contributions fall under the following categories:
    1. NEWS
      • Intra-school activities: Graduation/ Recognition Exercises, Inauguration Ceremonies, Foundation Day, Intramurals, Intra-school competitions, Themed programs, trainings, workshops, Science Fair, etc.
      • Inter-school competitions
      • School-based community news: outreach programs, clean-up drive, etc.
      • School
      • Outstanding teacher
      • Outstanding student
      • Active club or school organization
      • Training Insights
      • SSP Insights
      • Essays (on Education, on IT/ICT, on SSP)
      • Community Features (stories involving the school and the community)
      • Classroom Tools Series: teaching tips and resources for subject areas (Math, Science, Filipino, English, Makabayan)

      • ICT Resources

      • Teacher Resources

      • Other education resources

  3. Article contributions must include the name of the author, school, designation, and contact number. Articles and/or supporting photos can be submitted via email to
  4. SMART reserves the right to choose which articles or entries will be published online.
  5. The following is the criteria for the publishing of articles or entries:
    1. CONTENT – 60%
      • Information (verity, originality, and relevance/significance to the website)
      • Supporting information (photos, links, etc.)
    2. COMPOSITION – 40%
      • Structure and Grammar
      • Appeal and value

  6. Every published article and entries under the Gimmicks section will have an equivalent point which will be credited to the participating school’s total points.

For Details visit smart school web site at

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