DepEd Teachers Training Continue

More than 190,000 teaching personnel in 2007-2008 were sent by the
Department of Education to upgrade their teaching competencies and improve
student performance in English, Science and Mathematics.
Education Secretary Jesli Lapus said that out of the total of 531,705 teaching
staff, DepEd targeted 210,760 for training in 2007-2008. Those already trained
corresponds to 91% of the target number.
“Teachers training and development is a DepEd priority program that will
redound to the delivery of quality education to our students,” Lapus added.
The training programs for the teaching staff focused on upgrading knowledge
and teaching competencies in key subjects such as English, Science and
Lapus explained that training designs were based on needs and the
competency based standards for teachers.

Teachers Training Continue but quality of learning still going down.. Why our dear teachers?

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This is a good news. Teachers training will improve performance as well as learning

I want to join the training, but how?
Do you have a teacher training in Palawan?

regarding the posted comment about teachers morality, i would like to share my opinion to it... Teachers also have their own private lives and therefore they should not be judge according to their personal mistakes...coz no matter how big the mistake a teacher commits,it his life... and it shoul not be the basis on concluding the MORALITY of the person. As far as i knw, morality is broad and it does not only focuses on only one aspect.

We, teachers can never attend teachers' training because our school Principal tells us not to go to any training if it's just a DepEd Memo. We should only go if it's DepEd Order.
The principal said our school does not have enough funds for sending teachers to trainings. But if teachers can afford, he said we can go.
Is the fund for the training not included in our school's MOOE?
Our salary is not so big to squeeze

Why can't teacher trainings be Registration free. Can't DepEd afford to spend for those trainings free on the part of the teachers?


Deped teachers training are mostly free as long as there is a memorandum of the source of fund. You will need to spend at the beginning then ask for reimbursement in your Division office.

All training has to be approved by the school administrator. You could have special request from your district supervisor or subject supervisor.

We, teachers can never attend teachers' training because our school Principal tells us not to go to any training if it's just a DepEd Memo.

Your principal is missing the opportunities for the teacher and the school to grow.

June 20,2009

Teachers complain about a lot of work and reports required of them to do and submit that much of their time are spent doing these reports instead of focusing on prepairing their lesson.