Teachers Should Use ICT to Improve Learning through Motivation

DepEd: Use ICT to improve learning outcomes

Education Secretary Jesli Lapus recently called on education officials not to
resist change and instead optimize the power of technology to make quality
education accessible to as many learners anytime, anywhere.
Lapus said that more than the limited resources, the resistance to change is the
main obstacle in taking full advantage of technology in Philippine education.
“Our fear for change prevents us from moving forward. It limits us to the same
solutions—solutions that have not given us the desired output we so desperately
need at this critical hour,” Lapus noted.

The Department of Education (DepEd) is currently expanding the reach of
Information and Communications Technology in public schools to enable Filipino
teachers and students to face the challenges in the Age of Technology.
“Our advocacy in integrating ICT in education can only redound to the benefit of
Filipino public school children as it will make quality education easily accessible
to as many learners as possible,” explained Lapus as he addressed guests in
DepEd VIII 33rd Founding Anniversary Celebration in Palo, Leyte.
DepEd has already sent into digital literacy training more than 100,000 teachers
in partnership with the private sector. These include 86,000 teachers trained
under a project with Intel, 18,000 in collaboration with Microsoft and 4,000
together with USAID. DepEd’s own information communication technology for
education (ICT4E) initiative also provided an estimated 100,000 public school
teachers with computer literacy skills.

DepEd is currently implementing its ICT4E Strategic Plan through a systematic
process of consultative workshops and a ground-up planning approach through
the ReImaginED Executive Training Series for regional and division educational
“We will continue to make ICT as a tool available to you but we recognize that
this will not teach our children. It is you, our dear teachers, who will continue to
teach and impart learning. And therefore, you must be fully-equipped and up to
the task. Harness the full potential of technology to improve learning outcomes.
It is there for the taking. Grab it,” Lapus said.

Recently, Lapus was inducted into the Certiport Champions of Digital Literacy
Hall of Fame for his efforts to roll out one of the world’s largest digital literacy
programs for the Department’s over 480,000 teachers in the Philippines.
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“To us, this recognition is both an inspiration as well as a responsibility to
continue with our various reforms and transformation programs in Philippine
education,” he stressed.

Lapus explained that the 21st century learning tools and digital content will help
DepEd facilitate the delivery of learning inside and outside the classroom. “It
opens up an opportunity to expand our reach even to learners outside of the
formal school system or those administered by our Alternative Learning
System,” he explained.

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bigyan naman sana ng deped ang teachers ng mga laptop para magamit talaga ang ICT

to realize the use of ICT, DepEd should give laptop computers to teachers naman.....

to realize the use of ICT, DepEd should give laptop computers to teachers naman.....

Ha ha ha

The laptop is too expensive for the government. As a veteran IT Trainor, a PC and quality training is enough to make a difference

Its rather a premature comment don't you think??

Asking for a laptop for teacher??

even if that is affordable how can they be sure that's the best solution for that..

You can't trust every teacher to be even 50% reponsible in the use of those resources...