2008 Teachers month campaign

2008 Teachers month campaign and 2008 world teachers day
DepEd Memo 436 s 2008

The teachers month campaign steering committee composed of De La Salle Phils, MetroBank Foundation, Inc., Phils business for education campaigns social response and the DepED in cooperation with students, councils and all educational institution will launce the teachers month campaing in the month of October.

The goal of the campaign is to generate public awareness so that the Filipino people can show their profound appreciation to the teachers. It aims to

1. Revitalize the image of teaching as a voation of increasing public awareness on the value of teachers in Phils Society and national development.

2. See full memo here http://www.deped.gov.ph/cpanel/uploads/issuanceImg/DM%20No.%20436,%20s.%202008.pdf

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