New Planet named before Philippine School Teacher

BUTUAN CITY (31 March) — “I am proud to be a Filipino, and since I defeated 4,000 other teachers from around the world including the American finalists in their hometown, I can say that Filipinos are really one of the bests”.

This is what Dr. Josette Biyo said, the first Asian teacher to win the Intel Excellence in Teaching Award in an international competition held in United States in 2002, during the 34th Commencement Exercises of Saint Joseph Institute of Technology (SJIT) which was held recently here, where she was invited to speak in front of 462 graduates.

According to Dr. Biyo, the international recognition she received is only an instrument to give inspiration to the heart and life of the Filipinos especially the teachers, whose dedication and commitment to work is incomparable and one of a kind.

Because of that international award she received, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in Lincoln Laboratory, USA, recently discovered and named a minor planet in her honor - Planet Biyo, a small red planet rotating around the sun and located between Mars and Jupiter.

Dr. Biyo finished her degree in Bachelor of Science in Biology from the University of the Philippines hoping to become a medical doctor but because of poverty, she ended up teaching.

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Wow! teacher biyo is a great person. you really give our country a great pride and honor. congratulations! were all proud of you.