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Once again a find a site related to education and teachers. Good things is that this site are posting lesson plan. Bad thing is that it is American application lesson plan, maybe.

The site is about ...

This blog is our class portal to communicate information about our class, to archive course materials, to publish the course curriculum, syllabus, class rules, lessons, homework assignments, rubrics, and presentations. Yes, there's no more reasons for my students not to review their lessons at home, everything is in this blog.

Parents love the transparency and the ability to access class materials in this blog. It's easy for parents to follow along as my students post their work. This holds true for their psychologists, social workers, general education teachers, and other special ed providers. This is another way for me to collaborate with the Multi-Disciplinary Team members of my students.

This class blog also serves as my students' e-portfolio. My students collect the work they want to consider highlighting and then publish those that represent their best work. They then reflect on their work as they share them to their parents and teachers for possitive comments and feedback. It's very easy for them to look back over their work and see the growth they've accomplished.

So if you are interested to read some Pinay teachers serving in USA or anywhere abroad.
here is the URL -

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