How to Integrate Technology in your Classroom

Well i am not going to answer that question right now. What i am going to do is referring you to the teacher blog that i found. Actually the application is based on US as she teaches in USA. What i enjoy in her blog are lot of educational presentation links that we can use in our teaching as reference at least.

These are some topics that you might be looking

UPDATE onSupport to the National Board in DCPS
# Support to the National Board is Dwindling in DCPS
# NBPTS Report: "Measuring What Matters"
# On Open Letter to National Board Certified Teachers
# ***More National Board Certification Books***
# The Moment of Truth
# National Board certification process COMPLETED!
# NBC Assessment Center, the final ordeal
# Assessment Center Reviewer
# Letting Go of the Blue Box
# Highly Recommended Resources
# What makes a teacher effective?
# Assessment Informs Instruction: Entry 1 (Profile)
# Assessment Informs Instruction: Entry 1 (Recommended Reference Book)
# National Board Certified Teacher's Directory
# Fostering Communications Development: Entry 2 (Reflections)
# Fostering Communications Development: Entry 2 (Video Analysis)
# Fostering Communications Development: Entry 2 (Instructional Approach)
# Fostering Communications Development: Entry 2 (Profile)
# Classroom Environment
# Special Education Coordinator's recommendation
# NBCT Candidate
# Enhancing Social Development: Entry 3 (Reflection)
# More NBCT blogs
# Teachers get bonus for National Board Certification
# Enhancing Social Development: Entry 3 (Video Analysis)
# Enhancing Social Development: Entry 3 (Instructional Approach)
# ***National Board Certification Workbook***
# Enhancing Social Development: Entry 3 (Profile)
# National Board Candidate too
# Blue Box
# Letter from the Superintendent
# Documented Accomplishments: Entry 4
# Parental Support
# Support from my Colleague
# Teacher's Thoughts
# Some Question the Value of NBC
# The Rewards Go To Those Who Continue To Learn
# Deaf Wins National Board
VIDEO CLIPS for Special Education Teachers, Professionals and Parents

* 2 Million Minutes
* Accept no boundaries
* ADHD: Ty Pennington
* Adult ADHD: Symptoms and Treatment
* Autism - The Unfolding Mystery
* Autism is universal
* Autism Myths
* Autism: Eric Chen
* Autism: Practical Life Skills & Employment
* Autistic Savant: Daniel Tammet
* Autistic Savant: Kim Peek
* Autistic savant: The Boy With The Incredible Brain
* Childhood ADHD/ ADD
* Downs Syndrome Awareness
* Duo (the true story of a gifted child with Down syndrome)
* Dyscalculia, not only troubles with Math
* Dyscalculia: Do You have It?
* Dyscalculics, Famous People with
* Dyslexia & Dyslexic: What Does It Mean?
* Dyslexia: Coping Strategies
* Dyslexia: The Signs to Look For
* Dyslexic Me
* From Canvass to Art
* HBO DOCUMENTARY: Hard Times at Douglass High
* InsideOut...School DropOut
* Learning To Read Program 1
* Martin Luther King: I Have A Dream
* Math Trick
* Response to Intervention
* Rubix Cube Whiz
* Sensory integration
* Sensory Processing Aids
* Special Education Teachers in the Secondary School
* Teaching a Non-Verbal Autistic Child
* The Miracle League sports for special children
* Who Moved My Cheese?

Special Education Training Modules on IDEIA 2004 (

* Dep't of Education Teacher Resources
* Key Issues in Discipline PPT
* Introduction to Procedural Safeguards PPT
* Meetings of the IEP Team PPT
* Content of the IEP PPT
* The IEP Team: Who is a Member? PPT
* Identification of Children with Specific Learning Disabilities PPT
* Introduction to Evaluation of Children with Disability PPT
* Highly Qualified Teachers PPT
* Early Intervening Services and Response to Intervention PPT
* Overview of Key Changes in IDEA 2004 PPT
* The Top 10 Basics of Special Education PPT

How to Integrate Technology in your Classroom

* Did You Know? 2.0
* Digital Teacher Workshops: US Dep't of Education
* EduBlogging Resources
* List of Christmas Movies for Students
* List of Christmas PPT Presentations for students
* List of Math PPT Presentations
* List of Movies About People with Disabilities
* List of Movies with Autism
* List of Science PPT Presentations
* Low Cost WhiteBoard
* Microsoft PowerPoint 101
* Tips for buying special needs toys
* Tips for Teacher Bloggers
* Tips for Using PPT for Academic Presentations
* VIDEO: Innovative Teaching with Technology
* Yahoo! Teachers


* 100 Education Quotes
* 14 Tips to Help Special Educators
* 5 Ways To Keep Your Teaching Career Moving Forward
* Autism and Potty Training Tips - Getting Through this Difficult Time
* Code of Ethics for Special Education Professionals
* Disability Categories Requiring Special Ed Services
* List of Children's Books with Downs Syndrome Theme
* List of My NBC Step-by-Step Process
* List of Professionals who should evaluate a special needs child?
* List of Qualities of a Special Education Teacher
* List of Recommended Special Ed Books
* Measuring What Matters
* Nine Ways to Adapt Instruction
* PPT Test Taking Strategies
* Standards Based Testing Strategies
* Standards for Beginning Special Educators
* The Multi-Disciplinary Evaluation Team
* Tips for teachers: How to establish your place in a new school
* Tips For Teaching Autistic Children
* Tips on Becoming a Teacher
* Tips on How To Become A Special Educator

DCPS and Special Education Resources

* DCPS 2008-2009 School Calendar
* US Dep of Education: Doing What Works
* US Dept of Education, Special Ed
* DC Office of State Superintendent of Education, Special Ed
* National Association for Special Education Teachers
* IDEIA 2004 Regulations
* How To Become A Special Educator
* IEP Process: MDT Roles
* Council for Exceptional Children
* CECs Blog for New Sped Teachers
* Sites for Teachers
* Toys for the Differently Abled
* DC Public Schools Homepage
* DCPS Office of Special Ed
* LD Online
* DCPS Schools Directory
* DCPS Schools Profiles
* DC Education Blog
So go now and visit her blog

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