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At last i found a Filipino blog that lecture somewhere in Philippines. His content will be more relevant to our local classroom teaching - learning situation. He was called by his co-teacher as Tito Rolly, He has 20 years rocking teaching experience. I believe that spirit of idealism is very much alive in him.

His latest posting is about lingo ng wika. These are some text that can be read in his blog

Lubos na naiiba ang nakaraang Biyernes sa aming paaralan. Sa unang pagkakataon, naisipan ng administrasyon na ipagdiwang ang buwan ng wika sa naiibang paraan. Nuong mga taong nakalipas, naalala ko pa na talagang nagmimistulang piyesta ang huling araw ng pagdiriwang at ang bawat silid aralan na napalalamutian ng mga banderitas, ay napupuno ng kung anu-anong pagkaing pilipino. Mayruon pang nagdadala ng isang buong lechon, umaapaw na pansit, manok, kaldereta, at kung anu-ano pa. Subalit tulad ng pagdiriwang namin ng pasko, sumusobra ang....

Siyempre Pinoy na pinoy and setting. Well he started blogging in the year 2004. If i am DepEd boss i will give him medal or any form of award for being to early in adopting technology. Well i started to create or design school sites when i joined deped but my blog is too late in compare to his.

Some post dated may 2004 are here..

Monday, May 17, 2004

1st day in the office

My new job is a little interesting. It's totaly different from what I've learned in school. Not only because I am a Fine Arts graduate and being in-charge of discipline to at least 600 students or so and the classroom management of 30 teachers is different but more so because I was a teacher's nightmare in elementary and high school. Well, not entirely true. I was also loved by some. The thing is, being an outstanding student, I was not.

Anyway, I was reading the cases of students placed under Strict Disciplinary and Disciplinary Probations knowing that they will be the first cases I will be looking at come opening day of classes, I was contemplating why these students were placed in such a predicament. I can only look back and think of the days I was still a student. (And that was a long long time ago.) What prompted me to do what I did that caused me too much trouble? I can only think of one basic answer: "Blame it on my youth." In other words, I didn't know any better. And yet, I know I cannot use this as an excuse to errant students. I am here to guide them. Teach them how to live in a world that is full of rules, follow a strict conduct of morals, ethics, etc... in other words, everything I rebelled in during my heyday. Ah, this is going to be a tight journey. All I can say to myself is "brace yourself, man. Hold on to the rails so that you don't get thrown out of the ship."

Sir Saludo ko sayo.. Anyway if you want guys to visit his web log here is the URL
http://titorolly.blogspot.com entitle mga turo ni Tito ORLY

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Hi, thank you very much for your very kind words. Just so we can set the record straight, I am no longer the prefect of discipline in our school. I am back to the classroom which I enjoy better than administrator's work.

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