100 DepEd Schools Awarded with Computer

100 Schools are recipient of DepEd Computerization Program

Due to diligent effors of the Department incoming up with lower cost per unit and specifying appropriate and cost effective technologies, the Department has incurred savings under the appropriation of the 2003 - 2004 Computerization Program.

100 secondary schools were indentified to be recipients of the computer laboratory packages brought about by the savings. These schools have been validated based on criteria.

1. Must have on site, stable and continuous supply of electiricty and preferable with telephone facilites.

2. Must have 1 teacher assigned to handle Computer Education classes to manage the computer laboratory and willing to trained on lab manament including hardware servicing.

3. Must have at least one teacher each of English, sicence and Math who are specialist intheir areas and willing to be trainded on pedagogy technology and to echo training to their colleagues.

4. Must have the capacity to mobilize counterpart support from other stakeholders in the community for neded structures and facilities.

5. Must have never been a recipient of computers from other programs such as the DTI PC for Public schools project, CICT;s - iSchools Project etc.

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