Principal and Teachers Ordered to Adhere on DepEd Orders

DepEd Order 61 s 2007

Strict Adherence to Constitutional Provisions and DepEd Orders

1. All DepEd Orders relevant to equity and access to basic education are issued to comply to the Provisions of the Constitution. Some important stipulations in these Orders had been reiterated time and again for emphasis on its compliance. However, reports and complaints still reach this office which may reflect negligence of responsability and accountability of concerned officials.

2. In view of this the Department of Education hereby issues this Order to emphasize the call for stric adhrence to the provision of Section 3 of Batas Pambansa bilang 232 to wit: The state shall promote the right of every individual to relevant quality education, regardless of sex, age, creed, soci-economic status, physical and mental conditions, racial or ethinic origin, political or other affiliation. The state shall therefore promote and maintain equality of access to education as well as the enjoyment of the benefits of education by all citizens.

3. DepEd order No 40 s 2008 is also emphasized specifically on 6 yeras old cheildren who are eligible of enrolment to Grade 1.

4. All education officials at all levels are instructed to take immediate measures to implement this directive as this is in consonance with our initiatives toward Education For All and in accordance with the Millenium Development Goals


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