Baguio City National High School Loakan Annex (BCNHSLA)

With mixed feelings of eagerness and anxiety, the administration, teachers, and students of Baguio City National High School-Loakan Annex (BCNHSLA) is preparing for its autonomy from its mother school, the Baguio City National High School –Main.

BCNHSLA Head Teacher-in-Charge Brenda M. Carino is ensuring that the school will be ready for the turnover which may take place sooner than expected.

By virtue of the Department of Education’s Order No. 71 s. 2003, the authority regarding approval of separation of annexes was delegated to the regional offices from the Office of the Secretary. In the case of Loakan Annex, all the required standards were reviewed and validated by the assigned Inspectorate Team (I-Team), a group created by the Regional Director and co-chaired by the Chief of the Elementary/Secondary Education Division. Two (2) education supervisors also hold member positions in the team. The I-Team conducted ocular inspection, interviewed local stakeholders, and pointed out the urgent needs of the school. Having met all the requirements, LA is indeed ready for separation.

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