Region III Teachers Training

It was an accident when i found this blog site. I do not know how long it has been online but as a veteran blogger, I am amazed by the content as well as the graphics of this blog. Actually this blog is about ICT training programs, their curriculum for teachers ICT' s training and pictures.

Based on its Alexa rank this blog is too young on live age. It was managed by a computer instructor and programmer under the name iceman.

The main content is about the topics on their ICT training starting with Introduction and identification of learners level of skills and knowledge. Then followed by brainstorming about ICT terminologies. It goes with word, powerpoint presentation, spreadsheet and internet. To an IT it is traditional. To teachers it is always the basic. They include internet security and ethics. Lastly, designing unit plan on ICT.

Other training which amazed me is that Region III is teaching the mentors about web development using Jomla. (Web Development using JOOMLA, )

I hope they post the results. You know JOOMLA is too technical that even web developer take time to understand. Like myself of course. I noticed in the picture that they include some old guys. I mean old teachers. Well i disagree. Why, old teachers have been left behind with technology and it is hard word for the trainers to force them to accept the logic of 10000110. Younger teacher is easy to teach because they are too aggressive to learn.

Pardon to old mentors. I know you shared some pride about the present cultures of our countrymen in our country today.

For those interested to have idea on teachers curriculum here is the link Enjoy

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joomla is easy to use for experienced individuals involved in web design and development, it
s a bit hard on non experienced ones, but if you want the easiest how about try wordpress instead. cheers

I tried Joomla. I was able to edit page but i am not lucky for i am unable to create new pages.

Here in Central Visayas, we are still lacking of Trainer that can handle Joomla. Would you like to visit Cebu

@ mentor

i'm from cebu too! i grew up there, at guadalupe, cebu city, then migrated to davao.

i've like to come there and teach tips and tricks about joomla soon.


@ mentor

PS: here is my YM chat ID: im available around 4:30 pm onwards mon-fri, sat-sun 8am-onwards. mobile # 0917-433-2929


i will send your contact to one of our training director. Hope he can arrange this

@ lancerucher

i do hope and pray, everything will go though.. cheers

"through" rather not though. apologies i goofed