Grade 5 pupil wins grab the prize on drawing contest

Grade 5 pupil wins grab the prize on drawing contest AFP

Baguio City (30 October) -- The Defense Press Corps drawing contest, which was held in coordination with the Armed Forces of the Philippines, Department of Education Baguio City Schools Division and Philippine Information Agency, drew 43 entries from various private and public elementary schools in the city.

The contest theme: Peace and Development, the New Face of Heroism".

The first prize was won by Anthony Ganado, a grade five pupil from Pacday Quinio Elementary School, the second prize went to Ethel Valdez, grade five from Bonifacio Elementary School and the third prize was won by Joseph Simeon Quinopez - grade four of SLU Laboratory Elementary School. Five more finalists were given consolation prizes.

All winning entries are displayed side by side with the "Lente" photo exhibit, of the Defense Press Corps last October 24-26, at the Melvin Jones Grandstand, as part of the Baguio Defense Expo, in celebration of the National Defense Consciousness Week.

The celebration, the first of its kind outside the greater MM area, is geared towards bringing the armed forces closer to the masses and to educate the youth and the public on the role of the armed forces in upholding peace, justice and order in the country.


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