Impact of ICT to the student and techer

Students show more enthusiasm in an ICT-integrated classroom. I have observed that classroom instructions using traditional tools like chalk and blackboard are becoming less and less appealing to my students. I discovered that using computers, LCD projectors and interactive topic exercises not only motivate my students but also helps me in managing the classroom. ICT tools save time and enrich students’ learning experience.

With the onset of ICT integration in education, today’s teachers, regardless of what subject they teach, need to acquire new skills that will enable them to maximize the potentials of ICT and the Internet. Basic skills include the use of e-mail, designing lesson presentations, making grades on spreadsheets, creating simple letters and programs, research work and even online content development. I believe that the acquisition of these skills is needed, or else, the full potential and relevance of the Internet in educational studies won’t be realized by the students.

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I agree with you, that's why the teachers of today should be flexible enough and willing to adapt the changes for the benefit of their students. That's why considering ICT in enhancing the teaching and learning process should be a must have for the modern teacher.

In my experienced, some teachers are reluctant to apply ICT for various reasons. Number 1 is the time preparation. Number 2 is the availability. No 3 is the mastery of the technology. The teacher is afraid that they could not deliver well the lesson if there are technical problems arise.

My suggestion, coordinate with your school ICT Coordinator or the IT club in the school

"Obstacles are really scary things when you lose your focus on the goal" these adage is really applicable to what anonymous had mentioned.