Leyte National High School Student grabbed the National On the Spot Essay Contest

A father is a soldier

(Winning piece at Region 8 Family Week Celebration On the Spot Essay Contest which was adjudged by PIA. Author is a fourth year High School student of the Leyte National High School)

Tacloban City (11 October) -- A father is a vital member of the family. He is essential as water is to a plant. His role in the family and in the society is enormous and very complex. He serves as the strong arms that protect and embrace the family together. He molds his children to be useful and productive citizens rather than to be dependent burdens in the society.
Fatherhood comes with responsibilities. One of these is to provide the needs of the family. He must provide his family with the basic needs such as food, clothing, and shelter. He must try his best to give formal education to his children for it is an utmost necessity of a child nowadays.

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