Thank you Mr. Manny Pangilinan

Who is Mr. Manny Pangilinan. Why he support the academe and currently constructing a big rehabilitation center for children with offenses.

He is widely recognized for his outstanding achievement in business and his commitment in the academic, charitable, arts and culture, sports and health communities - has achieved in his life more than most can ever dream of. Yes he is behind the smart schools program. One of the reasons why many high school have internet connection with free high end computers pa.

But, unknown to many, Manny is a son of a public school teacher. He came from humble beginnings and had to get by with meager means to support his education. Working from ground up, he used to be a sales trainee traveling to remote parts of Mindanao just to sell products. And in search of better opportunities, he worked as an overseas contract worker in Hong Kong in 1981.1

As fate would have it, it was during his stay in Hong Kong that his leadership ability was first put to test. He was tasked to build an investment firm that, in the beginning, only employed a few people in a small office space with a small capital to start off with. This firm would then become First Pacific, a Hong-Kong based conglomerate, the portfolio of which includes Indofoods, the largest food company in Indonesia, and Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company (PLDT), the leading telecommunications company in the Philippines.2

In behalf of dozens ICT Teachers around Philippines. We would like to thank you for your continuous support in our children specially in the Public Education sectors.


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Please donate 2-classroom building for Bangalao Elementary School at Bangalao, Luga, Sta. Teresita, Cagayan, Cagayan Valley. We have only 2 existing 2-classrooms with no finishing touches at present.
Thanks and God Bless you a hundredfold