Planning Conference of Voc-Tech School Administrator

DepED Memo 472S 2008

Orientation and Planning Conference of the 45 Public Technical - Vocational School Administrators or Principals.

1. DepEd Memo 353 S 2008 provided the official list of 280 schools to implement the Strengthened Technical Vocational Education Program out of this number, 45 administrators were not able to attend the conference in Cebu City. In line with this, a special orientation and planning conference shall be coducted on Oct 29 30 at Ecotech Cebu City.

The conference aimed to

a. Orient the admin/principal on the programs and project be carred out in the SY 2008-2009
b. Present thge administyrators the Manual of Operations of Public Technical Vocationa High Schools.
c. Formulate strategic plans to manage and sustain the implementation.
d. Set targets that will include the improvement of student achievement and perfromance in tech-voc ed.

For confirmation please get in touch with Precy Ong and Pamila Loveria at 02- 633 9346 / 633 010 70


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