National Observance of the week for the gifted and talented

DepEd Memorandum 525 s 2008

2008 National Observance of the week for the gifted and talented.

Bureau Directors
Dir of Services
Regional Directors
Schools Division/City Superintendents
Heads, Public and Private Elementary and Secondary Schools.

1. Every fourth week of November, the nation observes National Week for the Gifted and Talented, an event declared through Presidential Proclamation No. 199 signed on Oct 19, 1999. This years celebration will be observed on November 24-28 2008 with the theme "Building Gifts into Talents".

2. The Celebration aims to strenthen public awareness on the education of the gifted and telented in the country.

3. All private/public SPED centers, including the regular schools with organized classes/programs for the gifted and telented are encouraged to undertake any of the ff activities.

a. Visual and performing arts competition
b. arts and crafts exhibits
c. academic competitions
d. education fiedl trips to museums, science centrum
f. fun games and sports activities
g. symposia on parenting the gifted and talented on meeting their needs
h. lectueres on building gifts into telents of these learners and
i other related activities.

4. The observance should be made part of the regualr classroom activities to avoid disruption of classes and to mazimixe time for learining. (DepED Order No 9 s 2005)

5. Please call SPED-BEE Central office at tel 02-631-9993 for more information. Wide dissemination of this Memo is desired.

Franklin C. Sunga


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