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TEACHERS: Submit your entries to the IIE Lesson Plan Contest for December and win the last of six laptop prizes. November winner will be published next week.

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By Queena Lee-Chua
Philippine Daily Inquirer

Sample Lesson Plan Entry: A lesson plan on history, culture

Before the visit

Discuss Philippine pre-colonial culture and society. What are their customs, ways, clothing, ornaments? Students can either read their history textbook or supplement by doing research in the library or on the Internet. What are our ancestors’ conceptions of life, death and the afterlife?

During the visit

The gold exhibit has three sections. The first section, “Austronesian Migrations,” shows our links with Austronesian-speaking peoples who migrated from China and then spread out to Southeast Asia and beyond. Instruct students to examine the objects carefully, such as the omega-shaped ornament known as ling-ling-o.

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