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Featuring Blog of biology teacher

I am so happy to find this blog. For I have been looking for teahers blog so that teachers could organize themselves and discuss both academic and schools matters. His blog URL is and he talks about The Art of Teaching Science. Here are some topics he likes so he posted in his blog.
* A Watershed
* How will science be affected by the Presidential election outcome?
* Teaching Science Nonverbally: The Power of Visual Images and Sounds
* Toward a More Open Science Curriculum
* Human Side of Science: The Science Debate 2008 Conference.

Mr. E as he calls himself. We are lucky to see his picture receiving certificate from one of the conference he attended. Our mystery teacher is so active in many conference. Visit his blog and learn more scientific information.

We failed to find out if he is teaching in Public or private. However, we hope that his idealism in sharing knowledge will not fade after 20 years of service.

I am receiving the certificate of appreciation from UP NISMED Staff with a gift pack from Unilever Philippines.

Congratulation Sir


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DepEd Cebu,

Thanks for featuring my blog here. Likewise, I am one of the avid followers of the latest news in the Department of Education that's why I am following this site (it's linked to my site).

I am not actually the one discussing about the Art of Teaching Science, it is a syndicated blog with URL

I am teaching in a state college in an island province. Biology is not my pre-service training, it's gensci. But I am currently specializing in biology education.

Just like anyone who wants to be one but feels inadequate, there is no substitute for passion and your title vividly captured what my blog is all about.

I am advocating for a society that could be called as teacher bloggers society in the Philippines. The main purpose is to organize, share teaching ideas and you know the rest. How to do it? I do not know. I just wished i could find more teachers blog so I could list their blogs and contacts.
Any suggestion?

Here's one Filipino teacher blog. But apparently the blog is intended for his students' use only. But you will find a lot of teacher resource materials here (most are powerpoint presentations in Biological Sciences).

Thank you so much.

Let us create a separate link label on our teachers blog so we will have directory.

I will be posting about downloads.
This link is about presentation, tutorial that is relevant to academe.