Scholarship for Top Ten high school graduate

All fourth year high school students belonging to the top 10 percent
of the graduating class may qualify for the Search for the Top
Outstanding Performing Students (TOPS) of Southville International
School and Colleges, in Las PiƱas offering degree programs in BS
Information Technology, BS Entrepreneurship, BS Business
Administration, BS Nursing, AB Mass Communication, AB Media Arts, BS
Education and BS Psychology. Now on its 6th year, the TOPS program
has maintained 100 scholars across curriculum levels and programs every
academic year.

 TOPS battery exam is on Nov. 29, 2008. Interested school
officers who wish to nominate their students may call the public
relations department at 8256374. Students who will pass the battery
exam may enjoy full and partial scholarships plus free school fees,
books, uniform and transportation allowances.

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