Korean to donate computer in Samar High School

The Korean Overseas Volunteer (KOV) program after being in some 25 provinces in the country has finally reached Samar.

In an interview, Mr. Jaeyoung Choi, administrative officer of KOV Philippines, said that the program may donate Personal Computers (PCs) to three high schools in Catbalogan City and train teachers and students to maintain and repair their damaged PCs.

Mr. Jaeyoung who speaks fluent English and some Tagalog expressions like 'talaga' and 'di ba' talked with enthusiasm how his country through the KOV will help developing countries like the Philippines.

For a start, his country he said has deployed volunteers in the fields of Information and Communications Technology (ICT), agricultural productivity, early childhood and youth education, public health services and Korean language Teaching through TESDA.

In Samar, one Korean volunteer has been with Samar State University (SSU) assisting in the fisheries development.

Just on November 7, Mr. Jaeyoung visited Samar National School (SNS) the biggest high school in Samar to talk with school principal Tony Caveiro. The Korean said he would try to train and teach students to maintain the PCs and then the teachers as students would then be graduating.

The problem with PCs is someone has to maintain the unit to prevent total damage, he shared. If the PCs are not maintained, the schools would be requesting for new units every now and then, and that could be very costly, he sighed.

However, with the training of teachers and students for free, the life expectancy of each PC is then assured, said the young Korean.

The program, said Prof. Rolando Diocton of SSU will benefit some one thousand children who are out of school because the Korean wants to teach OSY to be computer literate so they could be trained to get jobs, even abroad.

The Korean national also praised TESDA for the skills development training it gives to the Filipinos making them more qualified for jobs that needs skills.

The Filipinos are competitive, he said abroad, because they speak English and they are very efficient and easily trained.

Presently, together with Prof Diocton and other partners at the SSU, the Korean will map out plans for ICT development in SSU, SNS and Silanga National High School.


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