Teachers are still happy even

We are still lucky.

1. Even the salary is not enough for the family.
2. Even we are always overloads.
3. Even our students are more than 40.
4. Even you are not able to prepare good test questions, incomplete lesson log and not updated class records.
5. Even many of our students are no longer attending classes.
6. Even our Leaders is not listening to us.
7. Even students learned below your expectations.
8. Even you are thrown to lower section.
9. Even we never hear our school leader's wisdom and vision in Education
10. Even we do not know if there still solution to our school system.

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2 Komento ng Ulirang Guro:

Salaries of teachers today is already enough to support a simple lifestyle. It's our lifestyle that will determine our daily budget.

A class of 40 is manageable if in higher grades/years. But in grade I classes if possible will be limited to 20-25 so that they can really be served well by their exhuasted teacher doing piles of paper works and reports.
- alex D of Bukidnon, Quezon II Dist.

In our district most of the teachers are not computer literate. So as our desire to integrate ICT in our classroom instructions the more they shun and resist the benifits of ICT.

Even some school officials/leaders are still appliying the traditional way of doing their reports in time consuming - pen and paper instead doing it in spreadsheets.

We want that these teachers be trained in computer basic encoding before they will retire in the midst of IT's environment.
- alex D of Bukidnon, Quezon II Dist.