Workshop on punctuality given to Teachers

Respect time: teachers, students urged

Workshops on how to be punctual and organized are slated to be given to
elementary and high school students, including their teachers, in all public
schools in the country, the Department of Education (DepEd) announced

The activity will be conducted under an advocacy program called Project
WATCH. DepEd has teamed up with JCI Senate Philippines and the Philippine
Association of Colleges and Universities (PACU) in this program which includes
one-hour-a-week workshops aimed at addressing the bad reputation Filipinos
have for habitual tardiness. WATCH stands for We Are Time Conscious and

"Through our schools, we can inject in the minds of our students the right
outlook about time which can have a great impact on the value of work and
productivity" DepEd Secretary Jesli Lapus explained.
Under the program, the participating institutions agreed to undertake national
conferences, as well as a series of seminars and orientations on time
management and planning for elementary and high school students to be
conducted by the JCI Senate. This complements the students' existing subject

Part of the program is the conduct of national competitions, symposia and fora
for the students to imbibe the basic values of honesty and punctuality.
Both the DepEd and the PACU will sponsor oratorical contests, debates and
essay writing contests to further promote "WATCH" among school
administrators, officials, faculty members and ultimately, students. Information
materials and tools on time management will also be distributed.
"We can pursue Project WATCH earnestly and consistently. This will have a
profound effect on our society and our economy," Sec. Lapus said.


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