Miracle in DepEd Program

Classroom in Cebu - BariliThe Senate and Congressman unanimously agreed to increase the budget from 3 Billion peso to 8 billion for the classroom building in our public school. This is amazing development in our public education since never in the fast happen this kind of drastic budget change.

Most schools at to the present have a classroom population of 60-80 on the average. It mean 2 section in one classroom giving pain to the public school teachers but also to the students. Since there will be new classroom, we can expect new teachers to fill the gap.

The Chairman of the Senate committee on education, Sen. Mar Roxas (the same person who gave us 20 computers- pcps 1 and 2) said the budget will be use to build about 11,000 thousand classrooms both for Elementary and High School.

The Senators also said they realign P1.927 Billion from other government agencies in favor of DepED while another P1.17 was realigned to State College and Universities.


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